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Great Wall Escape Artisan Keycap

Great Wall Escape Artisan Keycap

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The wonder of the early era calls to your keyboard. The Great Wall Keycap emanates phenomenal resistance and tremendous charm. Attain the unyielding tenacity of the Ten-Thousand-Li wall. Grasp the greatness of your keyboard with every touch.

"The Ten-Thousand-Li Great Wall never topples"



The Great Wall escape artisan resin keycap is an escape keycap with an SA profile created for your keyboard. Enjoy looking at the natural wonders in this keycap. Compatible with Cherry MX and other Plus stem switches, enhance the look of your keyboard with this artisan keycap.

-Fits ALL Cherry MX and Clone switch mechanical keyboards
-Material: Resin
-SA Profile Keycap
-1U Size

What's Included:

-A Keycap Remover To Help You Put On Your New Keycap
-The Great Wall volcano escape artisan keycap


Q: Does It Come With A Keycap Remover?
A: Yes! All Orders Receive a complimentary Free keycap remover. So Don't Worry about not being able to get these keycaps onto your keyboard!

Q: Which Keyboards Does It Fit Generally?
A: Any keyboard which when you remove a keycap the switches underneath look similar to this. These are known as plus stem switches because they look like plus signs. Generally, ALL Mechanical keyboards will have this plus stem, except for Logitech keyboards (unfortunately0

Q: Does It Fit Logitech G512?
A: Unfortunately No.

Q: Does It Fit Razer Blackwidow?
A: Yes.

Q: What Is The Material?
A: Resin.

Q: Does RGB Shine Through?
A: Yes.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Arrive?
A: 1-3 Days In The USA 1-2 Weeks Internationally

Q: What If It Comes Broken/Doesn't Fit?
A: You can request a refund or a replacement no questions asked

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