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PBT Double Shot Keycaps Black

PBT Double Shot Keycaps Black

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Upgrade your Setup with these PBT Double Shot Keycaps. Textured and Durable, with clear text and double-shot moulding. Text. Double shot molding designed for backlit/non-backlit keyboards, providing enhanced LED shine-through and fade-resistant keys. These PBT Double Shot Keycaps have an advanced SA profile compatible with almost all mechanical key switches and keyboards. Durable PBT Material provides a great typing experience.

RGB backlit mechanical keyboard grey showing RGB lights through PBT double shot keycaps

Durable PBT Material
With Textured Durable PBT Material, you don't need to worry about your keycaps breaking or fading.

Double Shot Moulding/Lighting
Double Shot Moulding Designed for RGB backlit or non-RGB keyboards, allowing for your RGB lights to shine

SA profiled RGB keycaps grey for mechanical keyboard

SA Profiled Keycaps.
SA Profiled Keycaps allow for a great typing experience which produces the best comfort and typing experience.

PBT Material
Durable mechanical keycaps guaranteed for no fading.

Double Shot Moulding
Double Shot moulding for added stability and lighting effects


Transparent text to allow RGB lighting to shine.

Choose From a variety of layouts and keycaps.

Includes Keycap remover in case something goes wrong.

Mechanical Keyboard Compatability
Use with your current mechanical keyboard or from Kord

SA Profiled Keycaps

SA profiled keycaps for a wonderful typing experience

What's Included
Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps PBT Double Shot
Keycap Remover

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