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Horizons Keycap Set

Horizons Keycap Set

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Introducing the stunning OEM profiled Horizons Keycaps Set for Cherry MX and Clone Switch Mechanical Keyboards. Featuring a breathtaking sunrise design, your mechanical keyboard will transform into a thing of beauty.

These keycaps create a serene atmosphere. The night sky seamlessly blends into the colors of the woodland sunrise, stars shine bright above, and birds flutter amidst the beauty of the natural world, creating a picturesque composition and adding a touch of life to your workspace.

These keycaps not only offer a stunning natural design but also incorporate the vibrant RGB lighting of your mechanical keyboard to enrich your environment.

Made with high-quality materials, these keycaps are easy to install and built to last. Don't settle for boring keycaps on your keyboard, elevate your keyboard with the stunning Horizons Keycap Set.

“A world close to home. A phenomenon well misunderstood. The horizon's sleek silhouette, keycaps that won't make you upset.”

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