The Kord Konnoisseur's Giveaway

So You've heard about the Kord giveaway? Its on Instagram, on your email, its even on Kord's Homepage. Well you've come to the right place for information on Kord's Giveaway! Please note the giveaway is eligible for United States Residents Only. The giveaway winners are announced every 1st of the month. Just enter your email to be automatically entered into Kord's Giveaway!

Wouldn't you love to see that shiny New Kord RTX Graphics Card Keycap On Your Enter Key? What About the Gears Artisan Keycap on your escape key?

Well Lucky for you Kord Is Hosting a Giveaway! Make sure to check your Inbox Every 1st of the month to see if you won! Let your friends know, let your parents know, heck let your friends dog know!

You can help spread the word and increase your chances of winning by:

Referring A Friend 🙍‍♀️;

Because everyone deserves to know

Spreading The Word 📢:

Take To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a social media of your choice and remember to tag us when you post about the Kord Giveaway. Remember to use #KordGiveaway in your posts! Additionally Feel free to Follow us on Instagram @businesskord for a chance to be featured!

This giveaway is eligible to United States Residents only. No purchase is necessary to be entered into the giveaway. If you would like to OPT OUT of the giveaway, please contact us and let us know we'll be sure to take your name out of the raffle. Winners are chosen at random and will be purely based out of chance and other factors such as friends referred and one lucky winner will be given a Keycap of their choice From Kord's Elegant Single Keycap Collection, (which includes the Keycap above)

So I assure you I'm a real person who wrote this and with that, best of luck to all those participating! Winners will be chosen November 1st and will be alerted by email.

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