What Are "Hot-swappable" Mechanical Keyboards?

What Are "Hot-swappable" Mechanical Keyboards?

What Are “Hot-swappable” Mechanical Keyboards?

So it’s the question on everybody’s minds? What are hot-swappable keyboards and what can they do for me? Well as always the Kord Konnoisseur’s are here to help answer any of your questions and concerns, about mechanical keyboards and accessories?

What does Hot-swappable even mean?

Well hot-swappable keyboards, or any component for that matter, means that the component itself can be unplugged and replaced without any strenuous effort, or shutting the device off.

A classic example of something hot-swappable which many people use every day would be a USB. This USB is hot-swappable since it isn’t necessary to shut off your keyboard or PC to unplug the connection, and no strenuous effort is required, of course, unless you’re trying to plug in the USB, in which case good luck.

How Does Hot-Swap ability apply to mechanical keyboards?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Hot-swappable mechanical keyboards refer to the key switches of the keyboard themselves being easy to remove and replace (with a tool), of course without shutting off your mechanical keyboard, although we don’t recommend you replace your switches with your keyboard due to safety issues.

Since the key switches are hot-swappable and can be taken out, it's fairly easy to replace the switches in your mechanical keyboard with switches of your choice, especially if your current switches become damaged in some way, aiding the lifespan of your keyboard itself.

Do Hot-swappable switches have any advantage over Non-Hot-Swappable Switches?

Ultimately this question will come down to personal preference about whether or not you yourself prefer hot-swap or non hot-swap ability. This mainly comes down to whether or not you are concerned with having your mechanical keyboard last as long as possible. If you also enjoy having the option to change out and replace your switches without any added effort.

Non Hot-Swappable Switches, generally will be soldered on and can be impossible to remove, this will particularly be a problem if your switches become damaged, or if you don’t like the switches in your current keyboard.

A big advantage of Hot-swappable switches is the added customizability of the keyboard allowing you to replace any stock switches with switches from your favorite store, Kord. Of course, this hot-swappable nature will also aid in having your mechanical keyboard last longer, increasing its lifespan especially if your mechanical keyboard switches become damaged or worn out.

Are Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboards Right For Me?

Ultimately this is also a question of personal preference as one size usually won't fit all, however, we here at Kord do think Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboards are for everyone.

The security in knowing that if your switches are worn out, you can still keep your favorite Kord Keyboard in use, without having to buy another one is something you really can't give up.

The added benefit is knowing that if you ever get tired of your current mechanical switches, or the honeymoon phase with your keyboard runs out, you could always just replace your switches with new mechanical keyboard switches from Kord, without having to buy a new keyboard is also a plus.


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