Our Top 10 Keycap Picks For 2021

Our Top 10 Keycap Picks For 2021

Although the fleeting sensation of the new year is coming to an end. as we turn a new chapter of our lives into 2022 and we ask for peace and prosperity upon us this year. It's no question but to wonder, What were Kord’s Top 10 Keycap Picks for 2021? Have No Fear Because We Have Them All Listed Below!

Well be including both the Mono-Keycaps Collection and the Regular Full-Sized Keycaps Collections, so without further ado let's get to it.

10. Chocolate Escape Keycaps

(Left) The Dark Chocolate Keycaps. (Right) The Matcha Chocolate Keycaps

Here you can find the Dark Chocolate and Matcha Chocolate variation of the Chocolate Escape Keycaps. It's no surprise that these made it onto the list, and we wish we could rank them higher on this list, being the foodies we are, but stay reading to see what outranked these tasty beauties, perfect to satisfy any midnight cravings for chocolate!

9. Unique Gear Keycap

The Unique Gear Escape Keycap

The Double Gear Escape Keycap Made of Resin is no doubt another one of our favorites on this list! Reminding us of the sharp mechanical engineering which goes into our favorite everyday items, from clocks to cars. we’re sure you'll love this resin keycap, from its design to what it can remind You Of!

8. Retro Desktop Magnetic Keycap

(Left) White Retro Desktop Keycap. (Right) Black Retro Desktop Keycap

At the dawn of the new century, new technology was coming out of the smoke, and at the dawn of the new year a new keycap pick was coming out from Kord! The Retro Desktop Magnetic Keycap features Two parts, one for your tab key and one for your escape key! Consisting of a magnetic mini keyboard for your keyboard and swappable faces for your desktop keycap, what's not to love about this newly revived technology!

7. MiniBoard Enter Keycaps

(Left) White MiniBoard. (Center) Blue MiniBoard. (Right) Pink MiniBoard

The MinBoard Keycaps are honestly some of our favorite Resin Enter Keycaps, and we're sure they'll be a great fit for your mechanical keyboard. Coming in Three colors we love the look of having a keyboard on your keyboard and pair these keycaps with the Retro Desktop Keycap and your keyboard will start to look like keyboard-ception in no time, what could be better?

6. Jewel Escape Keycaps

(Left) The Jewel Enter Keycap. (Right) Black Jewel Escape Keycap

Remember temple run? Well, this is the treasure you were running towards! the Jewel Resin Keycaps remind us of high society while giving us that ancient feel. Available in Seven different escape keycap colors from the likes of red, blue, and the most royal color of them all purple, the jewel escape keycaps definitely deserved to have a place on this list!

5. Galaxy Keycaps Set

These ones are a little different from the ones we’ve included above but the Galaxy Keycaps set are honestly some of our favorite keycaps for mechanical keyboards. Showing the beautiful stars and alluding mystery of the universe, these keycaps are a must-have for any space-loving mechanical keyboard enthusiast.

4. Kanji Enter Keycap

This enter keycap made of precious zinc metal engraved with gold plated kanji is one of our top picks for this year. Sleek and stylish to the touch, give your enter keycap a dash of new life with the zinc alloy Kanji Enter Keycap engraved with gold plated kanji, one of our top favorites.

3. Samurai Keycaps Set

The Samurai Keycaps Set is one of our favorite keycaps set, no wonder they made it into the top three list! We think these keycaps could give life to any mechanical keyboard especially when you consider the combinations possible with the previous Kanji Enter Keycap, you're sure to see the possibilities available with the Samurai Keycaps Set!

2. Kilauea Volcano Keycap

Just one more spot before number one the Kilauea Volcano Escape Keycap takes this spot for number two, a member of the nature collection trio and co. the Kilauea Volcano Keycap is one of our favorite resin escape keycaps, with clouds surrounding the volcano and lava running down the erupting mountain, whats not to love about the beauty and sophistication which takes you to the place itself!

Honorable Mentions:

Kilimanjaro Keycap. Heart Keycap. Boba Keycap.

(Top Left) Kilimanjaro Keycap. (Top Right) Heart Keycap. (Bottom) Boba Keycaps.
  1. RTX Graphics Card

Ok, were not sure if this was a surprise, but our mind was dead set on this keycap before we even made this list. The RTX Graphics Card Keycap is genuinely one of the most beautiful pieces of artisan fine workmanship ever, crafted from metal the RTX Graphics Card Keycap is certainly created to perfectly help your mechanical keyboard gain a desktop component.

We hope you enjoyed our top picks for this year's Kord Top 10 Keycaps List, Stay tuned and join us next time for another heartwarming welcoming keycaps rating list! Got any issues with our picks? Let us know by sending us a message or visiting the Kord Website!

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