Need A Spin On Your Keyboard? Artisan Keycaps May Be What You're Looking For.

Need A Spin On Your Keyboard? Artisan Keycaps May Be What You're Looking For.

Has your keyboard been lacking lately? Has it gotten bland and boring? Has the honeymoon phase ran out for your mechanical keyboard? Well don't worry, the team at  Kord Is here to help you get your keyboard right back to where it needs to be!

What Are Artisan Keycaps?

Well artisan keycaps as the name suggests are keycaps crafted by hand, by artisans. As such, many designs are possible, gears, graphics cards, seashells, mini keyboards, you're only limited to your imagination! 

What Are They Made Of?

Well artisan keycaps are typically made of Resin, a material which is rubbery in nature and is moldable, allowing for many designs and shapes to be created for your mechanical keyboard. Although some are made of Resin, artisan keycaps made of metal are also possible, such as this Graphics Card Keycap

This Sounds Too  Good To be True. Is There Any Catch?

Unfortunately there is somewhat of a catch when looking for artisan keycaps, The Price. So if you can afford them they're definitely a must buy for your mechanical keyboard. Almost all artisan keycaps will retail around 30$ for the cheapest ones and up to 70$ for the more premium keycaps. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for discounts, such as the Code FIRST, for 20% off your first order at!

I Need This. Where Can I Buy Them?

Well artisan keycaps are handcrafted so it may be difficult to get your hands on what you're looking for, however we here at Kord may be a little biased and we'll let you know about the Kord Artisan Keycap Collection, where you can search for and buy your own Artisan Keycaps for your Mechanical Keyboard!


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